Friday, June 12, 2015

California: California Adventure

Soon after Emilia was born, Joe and I started saving for a family trip to Disneyland. We put change in a shoe box and had a couple of yard sales. We wanted to go when Emilia was old enough to enjoy it, but also free to get in so this summer was perfect.

Last Thursday we woke up really early and hit the road at 6:30.

The drive to Victorville was long, but Emilia was so so good. She had water, snacks, and her IPad and that's all she needed. We stayed the night and woke up the next day to really start our adventure.

Friday morning, we drove to our hotel. We love staying at the Castle Inn and Suites because it's right across the street from Disneyland and it looks like a castle. Emilia loved it. 

We dropped off our luggage and headed right over to California Adventure. None of us had been there before so we didn't know exactly what to expect. We walked in at about 10:00 am and started to explore. 

First we went to A Bug's Land and went on a few rides. A Bug's Land was really cute and- no lines!

Next, we walked around Car's Land and got some popcorn for a snack. 

We still had time for one more ride before lunch. We headed to the Little Mermaid ride which ended up being Emilia's favorite ride of the whole trip. We had a special Cinderella dress for Emilia to wear to lunch so we found a bench by the water where we could get her changed. It was such a nice spot and, still, no crowds!

Next up, a very special lunch at Ariel's Grotto. 

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