Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving this year was a very special holiday. On Tuesday the 24th, my sil gave birth to the most perfect baby boy. I am an aunt!

On Wednesday, Joe and I had our annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner. This year we cooked a turkey breast, potatoes and gravy, green beans, and stuffing stuffed acorn squash. The turkey took way longer than expected (as usual) but everything was delicious. After dinner, we made the Thanksgiving bourbon pecan pies because the usual bakers (E and J) were still at the hospital.

On Thursday, I got a call from my mom saying HER turkey had gotten done way early (Why do turkeys have to be so tricky?) We headed over and were soon joined by Joe's mom and brother. We were very excited to share our Thanksgiving with them. Some last minute dinner preparations were going on as the last guests came in the door. E and J and baby James were released from the hospital Thursday afternoon and luckily, everyone felt well enough to come to dinner. James was wearing an adorable Thanksgiving Rocks! outfit. He was so good all during dinner (which was perfect as always). After dinner, mommy tried to wake him up to visit and he got pretty upset.

I am so thankful that we were able to share our holiday with so many people.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding update

I noticed that my last wedding update was from quite a while ago, so here are some updates:

~We got our engagement pictures done and I am currently loading them onto my computer. Next step: Save The Dates!

~We're thinking about finding a new baker. We never signed a contract with the one we met with. We have since tried to get her the contract. We took it to her business and called all her phone numbers. She won't get back to us. We were not impressed at the initial meeting so we're thinking about finding somewhere new. (Maybe Granite Bakery?)

~We have asked everyone who will be in our wedding party.

~I have picked out a color and hopefully a designer for the bridesmaid's dresses. Hopefully I can find a store that carries them!

I think that is everything new. I'm falling just a little behind schedule (based on the checklists I have) but I think I'm doing ok. Next steps: Baker, Save the Dates, and florist!

229 days!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have a bunch of blog entries to make now that we have the internet again (yay!) but I'm going to start with Halloween. This is the first Halloween that Joe and I have spent living together. David, Joe and I decorated the house and spent Halloween afternoon carving pumpkins. We all got into costume and waited for the trick or treaters. Joe and I had the door and David hung out behind the fog machine waiting to surprise kids as they were leaving.

I've never seen so many trick or treaters. We live in a really great neighborhood for kids. Joe had to make an emergency candy run because we were going to run out. Around 9, the neighborhood quieted down and I popped our Papa Murphy's Jack O Lantern pizza in the oven while Joe and David opened their Autumnal beer. I forgot to go to the liquor store for me so I used what I had and mixed vodka/sierra mist/and orange juice. I called it a "ghost pumpkin" because it was light orange. Also cuz I'm lame like that.

Here are me and Joe. We're a black widow couple. (male widows are brown with yellow hourglasses. They get eaten by the females...which is why Joe is looking a bit nervous.)



Joe's U pumpkin

Our suit of cards pumpkin.

More punchkins