Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emilia's first Farmhouse trip

Joe and I hadn't been to my family's farmhouse in almost a year. With the issues I had with my pregnancy, I never felt comfortable going too far away from my Dr. We decided that it was time to make the trip and after Joe finished with court on Friday, we headed down. Emilia is so awesome in the car. I hope that lasts a really long time. She just smiles at me, plays with toys, and falls asleep. As long as the car is moving she is happy.

We stopped for lunch at The Little Acorn and got to the farmhouse around 3. I took a nap while Joe and Emilia played. When I woke up, we headed to the store for a few things and then got a pizza. Everyone loved Emilia and she was giving out the best smiles. That evening, we gave her a bath in the farmhouse sink. Baby baths in the farmhouse sink are a tradition- there is even a picture of me having a bath there when I was a baby! She seemed to really like it- she kicked water out all over the floor!

Rosebud jammies

The next day, the rest of my family joined us. While Joe was mowing the lawn, Ethan, James, Emilia, and I went for a walk. James found some rocks to throw in the river (one of his favorite activities!)

We spent a lot of time on the lawn playing. I love these pictures of Emilia!

We finished the day with a tasty BBQ and my mom's homemade peach pie. Can't wait to go again!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

4 months!

Yesterday, Emilia turned 4 months. I didn't get a chance to do her 4 month photo shoot because we were having too much fun at the pool so I had to get the pictures one day late. My baby is really growing up and she has changed so much. She still has some pretty epic meltdowns, but she is so fun. She's a lot more like a "real person" now. She has figured out how to roll back to tummy and it is the BEST (according to her). She could spend all day rolling. The problem is, she is now desperate to crawl. As soon as she is on her tummy, she starts pushing and she gets so mad because she isn't strong enough to crawl yet. She also loves toys. Her favorites are currently: giraffe rattle, sock monkey, keys, rattle ball, and elephant rattle.

One big change that has happened is we have moved her out of her cosleeper in our bed to her pack and play next to the bed. It surprised me how sad it made me, but she got too big for the cosleeper and she was kicking me all night. She seems to like having her own space and we still bring her into bed for morning snuggles.


Washing machine game
Being outside
Crowded places
Books (she is started to really look at the pictures and play with the pages)


Not being able to crawl or walk
Being cold
Being tired
Diaper changes (she is too busy trying to roll)

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

Monday, August 5, 2013

Lagoon part 2

After we played the duck pond game, we headed to Pioneer village to walk around and take some pictures.

Walking around Pioneer Village made everyone hungry so we headed to get some dinner. My mom's chicken looked like a fish so, of course, we had to get a picture.

After dinner, it was time for rides! We were right by the carousel so we decided that would be Emilia's first ride. We decided to sit on a bench this time and she loved it. She got a little fussy waiting for the ride to start, but as soon as it did she was happy. This girl loves to move!

We decided to head to the train next while we still had some daylight. Emilia liked it, but not as well as the carousel. I think it was too slow for her!

After her fun adventures, Emilia passed out in her stroller cuddling her new toys. We thought she would nap while we went on some rides, but she woke up after 15 minutes and Joe ended up holding her most of the night. There was just too much to see! We did all take turns watching her so the adults could all go on some big rides. They have new teacups this year like the ones at Disneyland and those were really fun. It was a great day. I can't wait to go again!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Busy weekend- Baby's first Lagoon day!

We have had a busy weekend! On Friday evening, we went to the county fair. We walked around and ate some yummy corn on the cob. We didn't ride any rides or play games because we were headed to Lagoon the next day, but it was a fun way to spend an hour on a Friday evening.

Saturday, we headed to Target to stock up on some things (diapers!). Then we went to my mom's house to get ready to go to Lagoon! I think when people think about becoming parents, one of the most fun things to do is imagine where you will take your future kids and what experiences you will share with them. For me, one of those things was going to Lagoon. I have loved Lagoon my whole life and I couldn't wait to take my kids there. I found a 2 for 1 coupon that was good on Friday and Saturday evenings after 5 so we decided that yesterday was the day to go.

My dad was awesome and let us take his SUV so Joe, my mom, David, Emilia, and I all had plenty of room on the drive there. When we got there, the first thing I wanted to do was play the Duck Pond game. I thought Emilia could get a toy that she could play with in her stroller. That experience was so great. The woman running the game was awesome! She loved Emilia and offered to take a picture of the group. Emilia won a pink starfish and a Nemo fish. She played with them/chewed on them the whole time we were there!

The whole group!

More to come including baby's first Lagoon ride!