Monday, June 15, 2015

Disneyland part 2

On our way to Toon Town, we met a nice employee who chatted with Emilia for a while. He gave her two honorary sweeper stickers.

Emilia really enjoyed exploring Toon Town. She met Pluto, but he made her a little nervous- he is a giant dog, after all. 

The Park in Toon Town is a nice, shady place to sit for a few minutes

Soon it was time to find a spot to wait for Mickey's Soundsational Parade. We ended up getting a perfect spot- right next to a roped off path and in the back so Emilia could stand up and dance. We had to wait a bit for the parade to start, but Emilia was happy to sit and play with a Cinderella doll. 

The Soundsational Parade was so much fun. It was definitely a trip highlight for all of us.

As we were waiting for our table at dinner, my poor exhausted toddler fell asleep in her stroller again. She slept through most of dinner, but did wake up for some macaroni and cheese and some of the limited edition diamond strawberry rhubarb shortcake.

After dinner, I went shopping and we went on a few more rides. We took the train to Tomorrowland and then made our way to the hub. There was a new night parade: Paint the Night that people had been saving spots for for hours. We didn't really care if we saw it, but we ended up being able to see some of it from pretty far back. There was a huge Frozen float that Emilia loved. We stayed where we were and got a pretty good view of the new fireworks show over the castle. 

After we found our stroller (which was a bit of an ordeal- employees often move strollers around) we headed back to the hotel. We were all exhausted and my feet were covered in blisters, but it was all worth it. I seriously can't wait until we can go back to Disneyland!

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