Sunday, June 14, 2015

California: Disneyland part 1

We got going early on Saturday because we wanted to get to Disneyland right when they opened, which was a good thing because unlike California Adventure, Disneyland was packed. The park is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and a lot of people want to see the decorations and the special shows.

Our first stop was the flower Mickey where we got our only (non selfie) family picture from the whole trip.

We got lucky because Minnie Mouse was meeting guests on Main Street and we got in line right before it was closed off. I was so happy that Emilia got to meet Minnie.

We decided to do the Jungle Cruise for our first ride. The line was pretty short and Emilia liked all the "animals." After, we spotted the special edition Cinderella popcorn buckets and I had to get one so we stopped for a snack break and visited with some cute duckies.

Emilia preferred meeting characters to going on rides so we decided to go to Pixie Hollow after snapping some pics of the castle. We met Fawn and Tinkerbell (my two favorites from the Pixie Hollow movies!)

Next was the Fantasy Faire to meet some more princesses: Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. I had to get a picture with Belle too- she's my favorite!

After a ride on the Storybook Canal Boats, everyone was ready for lunch so we went to our favorite Disneyland lunch place: The Hungry Bear Restaurant. There is never a wait and you can eat yummy cheeseburgers while watching the boats go by. 

I had read that the Winnie the Pooh ride almost always had a short line and it was really close so we tried it out. That ride is pretty crazy, but Emilia loved it and shouted, "Again! Again!" when it was over, so we got right back in line. There was also a great shop nearby where we got a tasty rice crispy treat and a couple of toys.

Lots more Disneyland fun still to come!

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