Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Castle Creek Inn

Months ago, Joe told me he had booked a mystery hotel for Saturday and Sunday nights after our wedding. I was SO excited to find out where it was. It turned out to be Castle Creek Inn, a castle themed inn that I had wanted to stay at for years.

We stayed in the garden room: a garden themed room with a private patio. It was decorated in purple and green (our wedding colors!) and had a jetted tub, a super comfy bed and a fireplace. We walked in to candles, rose petals, chocolate kisses, and sparkling cider.

We spent a lot of time watching movies (including Ever After, which I had to watch because we were staying in a castle!) and eating popcorn and cookies. On Sunday night, Joe got Chinese take out, which we ate on our patio with a bottle of wine.

Breakfast was an amazing meal of scrambled eggs, sausage, lemon pancakes, fruit, almond bread, and orange juice.

We are already planning to go back for our first anniversary. :)

Our garden themed room

The fountain by our patio

The castle

I wish I had gotten some more pictures, but our camera battery died!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Day!

I have several posts I want to make from the last week so this one is just the beginning. I am a married lady now!

I woke up the morning of June 26th feeling very nervous. Joe made me a eat a bagel and drink some lemonade and I started to feel much better. My mom arrived at the hotel and gave me some wonderful presents and shortly after, Nan arrived and did my hair exactly how I wanted it! I took my time getting ready at the hotel and visiting with Joe every now and then. At 3:20 I headed up to Millcreek Inn with some of the ladies.

Everything was a little chaotic at Millcreek Inn, but I stayed really calm the whole time. All the vendors arrived and I put my dress on. When the ceremony was almost ready to start, I got asked if I had the marriage license. Oops. We had remembered EVERYTHING except for that. Luckily, Joe's mom had some very generous friends who were willing to miss our ceremony and get the license from our house. They really saved the day! The ceremony was beautiful. I had a lot of people tell us how great it was.

Dinner was fantastic, although I couldn't eat much because Jessica had tied my corset back so tight! (Exactly how it should have been!) The cake was wonderful too and everyone must have liked it because we only had one slice left to bring home!

I feel like I really enjoyed every second. I took time to breathe and look around and enjoy being with the people I love most.

After the wedding, we got whisked away in a limo (never been in one before!)to the castle creek inn http://www.castleutah.com/ an absolutely amazing castle themed inn that Joe surprised me with. I could not have picked a more perfect place to stay. (Post on Castle Creek coming soon!)

Here are a few pictures. We gave our camera to a friend and asked her to take some pictures (our pros won't be back for a month) and she did an amazing job. I'll post some more later!

Joe putting my ring on

Me putting Joe's ring on him

The whole wedding party

I love this pic of my mom and me

The cake :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding week!

Wedding week has officially begun! Dave is here from Colorado and we've been playing Rock Band and finishing up some DIY things. It's way past my wedding week bedtime, so I will just say this: I am so sick of ribbon. If I never have to make anything with ribbon again, I'll be a happy girl!

5 days (or 4, since it's after midnight!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One of the last wedding projects that needed to get done was the favors. Shortly after we got engaged, Joe had the brilliant idea of giving our guests small jars of honey. We got online and ordered a huge tub (12 pounds!) of wildflower honey and some jars and lids.

We thought it would take a really long time so both moms volunteered to help. We all got together in our kitchen last Saturday and the honey project began!

All the jars and lids were washed and boiled and the ladies carefully filled each jar with honey. Then the lids were put on and the jars were boxed up. Turns out, when you have 4 people filling honey jars, it doesn't actually take very long.

We still need to print and attach the tags, but I'm really excited about these!


Clean jars waiting to be filled


They look so pretty!


Joe looking cute

Only 17 days to go!