Monday, August 24, 2009

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The day after Ben's (wonderful) wedding on August 8, Joe and I left for our Mesquite road trip. The trip didn't exactly run smoothly at first. We needed to drop Bomani at Grandma Connie's house and Kody in Heber before we could even get started. The drive was pleasant and, actually, not very long. When we got there, however, we couldn't get a room at the hotel we wanted to stay at (Casablanca Resort). They had given the last room to the girl just ahead of us. So we headed over to the Virgin River hotel instead. We booked a room for one night, hoping that Casablanca would have a room the next day. Even thinking we might just drive the extra hour to Vegas.

I was grouchy so Joe made me change into my swimming suit to go swimming; what I had been looking forward to all day. It turned out that Virgin River had a pretty nice pool and after a few minutes swimming, I cheered up. After, we went to the restaurant in the Virgin River...the Wagon Wheel or something. We ended up eating there for most of the trip. They had really yummy and really cheap food.

First thing Monday morning, we called Casablanca and they had some rooms available! We made reservations for two nights. However, we couldn't check in right away. We decided to go bowling. The Virgin River Bowling Alley was awesome. Really nice lanes and the cheapest bowling ever. We bowled a couple of games and had some ice cream.

After, we went to the Casablanca to see if they has any rooms yet. The only one available was on the ground floor at the very end of the hotel. It was a really long walk, but I loved it. The room was clean and comfy and our window looked out onto a garden.

We had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant ever. It's called Los Cazadores and it's worth the drive to Mesquite just to eat there. Their special is an extra yummy enchilada with green sauce.

We spent most of our Casablanca time at the pool. It was huge and freezing and had a waterfall and a slide. We took books and read on chairs under the palm cabanas. Casablanca was great. I would highly recommend it.

We didn't want to leave right away on Wednesday so we hit the bowling alley again. Joe kept getting really high scores and after my first score of 99 (I had gotten 114 the time before) I vowed not to leave intil I broke 100. 7 games later, I finally got a 109 or something. Joe got a taste of the seriously stubborn part of my personality.

As for the gambling: the first slot machine I saw was called Dolphin Treasure. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to play. I didn't actually get a chance to for the first couple days, but when I finally got to play, I won $13! It was the big win of thr trip, but Joe and I did manage to come away with about $15 more than we played. (which wasn't much)

These pictures are all from the lovely Casablanca pool,where we spent most of our time.

Pool chairs all lined up


The hot tub


Pool in the morning. Before the waterfall was on.

Pool with waterfall

The waterslide

Cute cabanas