Monday, April 20, 2015

Emilia is 2!

We had such a busy and fun birthday week for our girl- parties, and dinners, and fun at home. On her actual birthday, it was just the three of us. We wanted to do a few of her favorite things. Joe got up early to bring us Mcdonald's breakfast. Then Emilia got her birthday present- the Little People Disneyland. She loved it!

 After lunch, we went to the local cheese store for some ice cream and shopping.

 She was pretty tired when we got home and she fell asleep cuddled up with me, which was pretty special because it doesn't happen very often anymore. It was a nice reminder that she is still my baby.

For dinner, we went to her favorite Chinese restaurant and then shared a piece of brownie cake. She loves blowing out candles!

I am so happy to have a toddler. Tiny babies are cute and sweet, but they are so difficult. Toddlers come with their own set of challenges, but it is so nice to hear, "Love you, Mama!" and see her develop her own personality. She is so amazing!

2014- her first birthday
2015- her second birthday

2015 outtake- It took a little bribery to get that picture. She was tired and grumpy

Emilia's likes:
All animals, but especially horses
Her stuffed Orangutan "Monkee"
Skirts and dresses
Mickey Mouse and friends
Most vegetables, especially peas and cucumbers

Emilia's dislikes:
Most fruit (she only likes apples, bananas, and oranges. No berries)
When we try to sing to her "Mama, Dada, STOP!"

Emilia has a huge vocabulary and speaks in sentences a lot. Here are some cute things she is saying:
Giddyup, Partners
Wantyou, Boy
Awww, cute baby (or cat or puppy)
Love you, mama
2 hands, clap! (with Monkee)
Ok, Mama? (If I say ow or put my head down)
Happy birthday ah you! (she sings this to everyone)

She always puts her finger on her chin when she's thinking about something or deciding what she wants.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings, Happy birthday, baby!

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