Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Days

With Halloween coming up, I had to get some traditional pumpkin patch pictures of Emilia. I didn't know where to go, but google told me about Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farm which was perfect because I haven't been to Wheeler Farm in ages. Joe had a lawyer thing he had to go to in Salt Lake so we all got up early and headed down. Joe dropped me off at my mom's house and put Emilia's carseat in my mom's car and we were ready to go. First we went on a tractor ride and saw some animals and then we headed to the hay maze and the pumpkin patch. Emilia had a lot of fun, although she isn't quite her smiley self in these pictures because she had just had shots the day before. 

Sitting on Damma's lap for the tractor ride

Tasty binky

I think Emilia's favorite part was the hay!

Friday, October 18, 2013

6 months!

On October 16th, my baby turned 6 months old! Half of a year! 5 months was a rollercoaster for us. Emilia was the perfect baby at first. I kept saying, "Next time, let's just skip to 5 months!" Emilia was happy and sleeping well and so easy. At 5 and a half months though, demon Emilia returned and it has been rough. The last week has been the roughest week since she was a newborn. She whines to be held and then she whines to be put down. She sucks at napping. She wants to be outside all.the.time. even when it's cold and raining. At her 6 month appointment, we found out she has jumped into the 93rd percentile in height so I'm guessing that all the growing has been tough for her.

Even with all the whining and crying though, she is still awesome! She can sit by herself for a couple of minutes at a time and her crawling is starting to look more like real crawling instead of army crawling and she is fast! She is eating a little bit of real food now and it's fun to decide what she should try next. She is still great in the car and pretty good at restaurants. Really, as long as she is out and doing something she is happy. She is my beautiful, smart, sweet baby and I'm so excited to see what she learns next. Happy 6 months, Bubba Dirl!


The cats and dog
Her new carseat
Her soft, pink blankie


Being picked up
Being put down
Shots :(

6 months

5 months

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1 Month

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Family pictures

I owe this blog Emilia's 6 month pictures (not taken yet) and Wheeler Farm Pumpkin Days pictures, but for now here are some pictures from our family photo shoot from Mar Del photography: (Yes, Joe's eyes always look closed in pictures!)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Frightmares Part 2!

After my parents and David arrived at Lagoon, we decided to go on some rides. We all took turns watching Emilia so everyone could go on their favorite rides (except my dad, who hates Lagoon). I wish I had taken some pictures of Emilia with her grandparents and uncle, but I was having too much fun.

Around 3, Ethan, Jessica, and their kiddos got to Lagoon and we had some fun watching them go on some kid rides. I got this cute picture of James and Juliet on the boats:

I really wanted to take Emilia through the hay maze so we headed to Pioneer Village to Scary and Crow's maze. All the employees were so cute and gave Emilia her own trick or treat bag (which means mom and dad got to eat her candy!)

She really liked the mice

We made it! She is chewing on the train whistle toy she got

We made sure to ride the only two rides Emilia could do- the train and the carousel. On the carousel, we sat on a seat that rocked back and forth. This picture was taken a few seconds before she fell asleep 

Everyone stayed for dinner and a few more rides until it got dark and cold. Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frightmares part 1!

One of my very favorite fall activities is Lagoon's Frightmares. The amusement park is open and decorated for Halloween. The weather is usually pretty nice the first Sunday in October and the lines are a lot shorter than they are in the summer. This year, my whole family ended up going which was really fun! Joe, Emilia, and I got there first. We took some pictures at the entrance

See the "ghost" above the headstone? 

Next, we found a game to play. We decided on balloon pop. 
This picture is a little blurry, but I love it. She looks so excited!

We asked if they could put all the bee colors out and let Emilia pick the one she wanted. She picked the bright green one

Her winnings (bee and delicious snake!)

We took a minute for Emilia to "try on" a Halloween costume

Not long after, my parents and David arrived. Grandma helped Emilia win a ladybug at Duck Pond. Emilia got her sleeve all wet picking out ducks.

Coming up: Hay maze and some cute cousins!