Saturday, September 28, 2013

Renaissance Faire

I have always thought it would be fun to go to a Ren Faire. This year there was finally one close enough to home that we decided to go. The whole family dressed up and we headed out early Saturday morning. The first thing I wanted to see was the presentation about birds. The show was really cool- They talked about falconry and had several different falcons, some hawks, an owl, and a golden eagle. During a flight demonstration, one of the birds flew away into a tree, but they were able to get it back!

We also made sure to catch the jousting match

We had fun putting our costumes together. 

There were lots of neat costumes

Emilia decided she wanted Joe's sword

After watching some shows and looking at all the vendors, we found some grass for Emilia to crawl around on and ended up doing a baby photo shoot. She made such a cute fairy princess!

Monday, September 16, 2013

5 months!

Emilia is 5 months old today! We have been really busy lately, enjoying the last of summer and doing a lot of first things with Emilia.This baby is so happy and social. She loves to go out to crowded places and smile at people.She also LOVES the cats and the dog. She makes the cutest noises when one of the pets walks by. She is trying hard to crawl, but gets around pretty well by rolling. Today, she rolled around the whole living room.We really need to get on the baby proofing!

A big first this month is eating "real" food! We actually started oatmeal baby cereal a few days ago and she loves it. We try to sit down and have a family dinner every evening. Another first that wasn't so fun this month was Emilia's first cold. She has been stuffed up for a week and the first two days she had it, she was super grumpy. She cried and cried and had to be outside at all times. Luckily, she is feeling much happier now even though she's still stuffy.


The dog
Wave runner game
Going out to eat
Funny noises


Being sick
Getting her nose cleaned out
Crying kids

Here is a bonus pic from today's photo shoot because I couldn't decide between the two

Love that smile!

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Then and Now: The Fair

Last year: September 9, 2012 with a tiny baby bump

This year: September 8, 2013 with a not so tiny baby

Also, duck racing:

And Emilia in space!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby's first zoo day!

We have been wanting to take Emilia to the zoo for a long time. Joe's mom is in town so we decided that this was the weekend to go! We picked up my mom (she has a broken shoulder!) and headed to the zoo around 4. We stopped at the gift shop first and Emilia got super spoiled- books and a magnet from one grandma, a picture frame from the other grandma, and a fleece and a toy from mom and dad. I found a basket of baby toys- stuffed animals with rattles in them- and picked up a few for Emilia to choose from. We were not surprised when she chose the monkey. This girl LOVES monkeys!

After shopping, we saw some animals. Emilia hated the elephants. They made her cry. 

Not that you can tell from this picture. She was all smiles as long as she couldn't see the elephants. (Notice her zebra sock falling off her foot)

She wasn't too crazy about the polar bear either. Her favorite animals were the rhinos (why were they so much better than the elephants?) and the snow leopard. She didn't see this guy, but I had to snap a pic of that mouth:

We also made sure to ride the carousel

There was a bit of a meltdown at the end of the visit when Emilia got overstimulated and overheated, but I think it was a great first zoo day and I think everyone had a good time!