Monday, March 15, 2010


Last week, Joe and I decided to get another cat. My mom had told me months ago that one of the shelters was adopting out adult cats for free. I went to their website to see if they were still doing free adoptions (they were!) and made the mistake of looking at pictures. Then Joe looked at the pictures and we decided late Thursday night to take a Friday afternoon trip to the shelter.

Going to the shelter, however, was extremely difficult (as always). It hurts my heart to see all the animals who just want someone to love and take care of them. Joe looked at some dogs, but I couldn't. It was hard enough to look at all the kitties and have to pick one.

There were a lot of sweet kitties and they were all so handsome/beautiful. Joe and I were both immediately drawn to a tiny muted tortie girl named Ranier. She was 6 months old, which meant she was an "adult" and her adoption would be free. We got her cage number and then met her in the "get to know you" room. She was just as charming and affectionate as she had been in her cage and we were in love. There were a couple of other kitties we were planning to see too, but we didn't want to make the decision any harder than it already was.

We filled out some paperwork and they said we could pick her up on Monday (she needed to be spayed) I was so anxious waiting for her all weekend and finally today at 3, we could go pick her up. The woman at the desk said we were lucky, several people had tried to adopt Ranier over the weekend. (I hope they chose another kitty. There were so many sweet ones!) Then they brought out our baby and some medicine she needed for her spay and her kitty cold.

Now she is home and she is so happy. She used her cat pan right away and ate a whole dish of food and played. And played. And played. She has just now settled down on my lap. Bo has met her briefly and really wants to play with her, but wasn't allowed to because of her stitches. I'm sure they will be best friends.

And she wasn't a Ranier. She is a princess so we looked up princess names and found Ameera. I think it suits her very well.




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