Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's weekend

I don't care what anyone says about Valentine's Day being a made up holiday, I love it! I spent years being sad on Valentine's Day and now that I have someone to share it with, I really look forward to it.

Of course, this holiday was the last one with me being "single." Joe and I spent most of the weekend cuddled on the couch watching the Olympics. On Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:01, we gave each other our Valentine presents. Joe gave me a gorgeous amethyst and diamond necklace. I gave him some fun boxers and a book about ancient civilizations.

On Sunday, Joe brought me some beautiful red tulips (very springy!) and we watched more Olympics. That evening, we got all dressed up and went to Market Street Grill for dinner. We got some super yummy crab stuffed mushrooms. Joe got seared ahi tuna (bleg) and I got halibut (yum). We wanted two different desserts so Joe ordered key lime pie and I ordered creme brulee.

Joe didn't have school on Monday and we were planning to go to the zoo with my mom, Ethan, Jessica, and baby James. Unfortunately, it was too rainy to have the baby outside so we opted for the aquarium instead. It was crowded, but awesome. I can't wait until the penguins arrive next month! James was so sweet watching the fish. After a while, though, he got grouchy and needed to go in his stroller for a nap.

It was a really great weekend. :)

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