Monday, March 29, 2010

Problem solved!

We've been having cake trouble for months. We were not impressed by our first baker and we couldn't get a hold of her to get a contract signed. We knew that we needed to find another bakery, but there were a lot of issues involved, including an expensive cake cutting fee. But, sometimes things work themselves out. Joe called our venue and told them about the cake issues. Apparently, our baker has actually retired (thanks for telling us, lady!) and we could pick any bakery we wanted with no cake cutting fee!

Today, we met my mom at the bakery we've been wanting to use for a while. We tasted the flavors we were pretty sure we wanted and also tried a new one just for fun. Everyone loved the cake design that I had fallen in love with the first time we went in. So, the contract is signed and another huge wedding to-do is checked off!

We're having a three layer, round cake. The top and bottom tiers are pear and the middle tier is chocolate with raspberry filling. I'm really happy everything worked out so well. :)

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