Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Silver Lake

The next morning, we got up early and Joe made us some really yummy french toast. Then we packed up the tents and headed farther up the canyon to Silver Lake. The Silver Lake hike is a really pretty, easy hike that the kiddos loved. E and J's family have been there a lot, but it was our first time.

The kids were more than happy to run ahead

Thanks, Jessica, for the family pic

We have been letting Emilia play with an old waterproof camera. Most of the pictures she gets are pictures of her fingers in front of the lens, but sometimes she gets a good picture. She took this picture of Silver Lake all by herself.

I love watching the cousins play together. Emilia and James were so sweet holding hands.

After the hike, we met Damma and PapPaps for lunch. Emilia was so exhausted. She slept all the way home. It was such a fun family weekend!

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