Monday, August 17, 2015


Way back in July, my parents, Joe, Emilia, and I took advantage of the two for one deal at Lagoon and went on a Friday evening. We weren't sure how Emilia would do on the rides so we followed her lead and let her decide what she did and didn't want to go on. She wasn't interested in anything that went up and down (like plane rides), but she loved most of the kid rides. She even loved the kid cars even though she was all by herself and couldn't see us for part of the ride. She even liked some of the big rides like the teacups and the big ferris wheel (except when we were stopped at the very top!)

We can't wait to go back for Frightmares!

Duck pond is always our first stop

Family selfie on the train

Damma and Pap Paps

Ice cream in Pioneer Village

Her favorite ride of the day

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