Saturday, April 23, 2016

Emilia turns 3!

I can't believe my baby girl is already 3! We started celebrating on Friday with dinner at Spaghetti Factory and family presents.

This year, Emilia's birthday was on a Saturday so she had her party the same day. We invited her cousins and her friends from school. Months ago, she decided that she was wanted a My Little Pony birthday party and when she decides something, she never changes her mind. 

She let me do her hair for once!

We decided to make the party easy this year since I'm halfway into my pregnancy with baby brother so we held it at our community clubhouse and hired a clown to do face painting, a magic show, and balloon animals. That clown was some of the best money I ever spent. She was great at entertaining the kids and they loved her!

I still wanted to have some fun making things for the party so Joe and I made cards with fun themed names for all the food.

After the magic show, Emilia opened her presents. She got a lot of really great presents- and many new My Little Pony toys. All the guests got a pony blind bag before leaving.

She's already saying she wants another My Little Pony when she turns 4. I wonder if she'll change her mind?!

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