Sunday, July 5, 2015

Father's Day

We had a full day planned for Father's Day. My mom, my sibs, and us all pitched in to rent a pontoon boat on Deer Creek Reservoir for my dad's 60th birthday. The date that worked for everyone also happened to be Father's Day so it was a fun activity for all the dads.

We got to the reservoir around 12:30 because I thought Emilia would like to play in the sand and water, but it was SO WINDY. She did have fun though, even though the water was a bit rough. Soon, everyone else arrived and we headed to our boat.

These two loved to "drive"

Everyone brought snacks and we explored the reservoir and got soaking wet- the wind was still blowing hard and the waves were pretty choppy so we kept getting sprayed.

Mom and me drinking margs. 

A few of the crazies decided to get out and swim. It wasn't easy to swim with the wind or get back to the boat so they were all exhausted when they got back on.

Ethan, Juliet, and Jessica. David jumped in right after.

Juliet was pretty upset and very tired so she snuggled with her mama and fell asleep. Emilia decided that looked like a good idea and fell asleep too. Sweet girls!

The wind finally calmed down and we found a nicer place to swim, but I was the only one brave enough to get in the water again ;)

After everyone had had plenty of sun and water, we headed back to our house for a BBQ. It was a really fun day.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

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