Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big wedding checks!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with the wedding. We think we've decided on a new cake (with very tasty flavors!) We also booked a really amazing videographer. A wedding video was really take it or leave it with me, but my mom insisted we have one. So we met with a videographer she met at the wedding show. He showed us some demos and they were fabulous. By the end of the meeting, I was set on booking him. We also have a wonderful florist. She is so nice and helpful (not to mention budget friendly!)

Tomorrow, I go in for my first dress fitting. It's a little early, but the dress needs to be taken in two sizes and I am anxious to see how it really fits. I've been a little sad about buying a sample dress lately, but I never could have bought this dress new. I also committed the #1 bride to be sin and went dress shopping after I bought it just to make sure there wasn't something else out there. It is still my favorite.

I almost feel like I can take a break, but then I think of all the little things that still need to be done. It's ok though. Aside from the cake stress, I think most of the big stuff is worked out.

143 days to go!

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