Sunday, April 13, 2014

Emilia's first birthday party!

I had a lot of fun planning Emilia's first birthday party. Several months ago, I decided on a pink and yellow hot air balloon theme: Up Up and Away- Emilia is One Today! I spent a lot of time planning the decor and the menu and working on crafts. At 3:00 on April 12th, we started celebrating my baby's first birthday. She won't actually be one until the 16th, but it is amazing how fast the year has gone by. Almost everyone who was invited was able to attend and everyone had a great time. It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many loved ones.

I couldn't find any hot air balloon invitations so I decided to make them myself


It was a windy day!

Joe and I made all the decorations

The menu: Curry chicken salad and rolls, chips and dip, strawberry and pineapple salad, raspberry tartlets, a veggie tray, gluten free mac and cheese bites, cupcakes with strawberry frosting, lemonade, soda, and strawberry and lime sangria

Cupcakes and Emilia's "smash cake"

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and we had cake. Emilia liked the candle and tried to use it as a spoon. She only ate a little bit of cake (she isn't a huge sweets lover)

That doesn't mean she doesn't like junk food! I think she has chips in her mouth in half of the pictures I took. She helped herself to the chip bowl all afternoon, which was fine because she was the birthday girl.

Hot air balloon dress from Gymboree

We had a few little guests which was a lot of fun. Emilia loved playing with her neighbor friends and her cousins

Presents! Everyone was so generous and Emilia got so many wonderful things

We sent everyone home with a hot air balloon sucker 

Happy birthday, my love!

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