Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend

Because the date of Easter moves around so much, this was Emilia's first Easter even though she had already turned one. We started the Easter fun on Saturday morning with a couple of local egg hunts. The first one was a huge hunt in the park with eggs, candy, and toys. The kids were separated by age which was good because there were so many kids there! Emilia got pretty impatient waiting for the hunt to begin (try telling a one year old that she can't go see all the shiny things in the park!) At 10:00 the hunt began and Emilia filled her basket with goodies. After the hunt was over we headed to another one at a local coffee shop. I think she had a pretty good time!

Sunday morning, we headed downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. E got a big soft bunny, an Easter book, a hoppy bunny, a lamb, a bib, and some treats. 

That afternoon we drove to my mom's house and Emilia got another Easter basket. We went outside and did a little Easter photo shoot.

Easter dinner was at Ethan and Jessica's house. We went over at 4 and let the kiddos loose in the backyard. I love love love watching Emilia play with her cousins. They are so cute together. 

Emilia has recently discovered that balls are pretty fun to play with. Luckily her cousins had some for her to play with.

Notice all the Easter baskets!

Damma and the grandkids

Chocolate bunny!

Before dinner, the kiddos had to have their annual hunt. The Easter Bunny left clues that led to a big bag of toys and treats. James was really into the hunt. Emilia wasn't sure what was going on, but she loved the Easter treasure!

My mom and Jessica made a delicious Easter feast. I think I ate more than I ate at Thanksgiving. Everything was so yummy!

Happy Easter!

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