Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3rd Anniversary

It has been our tradition to spend our anniversaries at Castle Creek Inn. We usually spend the weekend eating Chinese food and watching movies. However, this year our tiny baby changed that. Castle Creek Inn isn't really the place for a baby and she isn't ready for an overnight babysitter.

Our anniversary was a Wednesday this year. Joe worked in the morning and then took me to a surprise spot for a little picnic. This place is just up the road a bit and seems to be some kind of wildlife sanctuary. We had  a tasty light lunch while watching birds and butterflies.

Emilia wore a special dress

We still wanted to go out to dinner, but we wanted to go somewhere family friendly so we decided on Outback steakhouse. We are lucky that Emilia is usually pretty good in restaurants.

We are trying to stick with traditional anniversary gifts. 3 years is leather, crystal, or glass. Joe cooked a nice dinner on Tuesday night and put my gifts on the table. I had wanted candlestick holders for a while and he picked a beautiful set! I got him a leather binder/organizer/notebook thingy and filled it with some office supplies.

It's been a wonderful 3 years.

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