Sunday, June 16, 2013

2 months!

Emilia is 2 months old today! It has been a really rough month due to some serious growth spurts, but also wonderful. Emilia spends a lot more time awake now. A lot of that time is spent crying, which is frustrating because sometimes she just can't be calmed down. It hurts my heart to hear her cry and I try everything I can to calm her down, but sometimes she just needs to cry. She is also starting to be way more fun. She smiles a lot now and seems to really enjoy interacting with us. And she is so cute! Random people are always stopping us to get a look at her. She is very popular!

Baby squats
Ah Boom game
Soothie Binkies
Being held
Being outside

Getting dressed (especially sleeves)
Being put down

2 months

1 month


  1. That's my big chubby baby right there. =D

  2. She's so cute!! Can't believe how much she's grown already, really fun to see those pictures next to each other.