Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ballet (surprise!)

I have some guilt while writing this entry. We had a Saturday plan: Mexican feast for Joe, David, and me. This meant deluxe taco salads with chicken, beans, lettuce, and homemade guacamole. We were going to cook and drink and then have a fire in the fireplace and watch tv and/or movies. Then Ethan called and asked if we could babysit. We don't mind babysitting for them at all. The baby is always asleep and we just read or watch tv or do homework. But, we had planned Mexican we told them no.

But then...we were shopping for Mexican feast when I got a phone call from our awesome neighbor. She and her husband had ballet tickets and they couldn't go. Ballet West's Bolero at the Capitol Theater. She asked if we wanted the tickets and we said yes, please. (!!!)

We hurried home and changed. I wore my black and white dress with my lovely full length opera coat that I haven't had a chance to wear before. Joe put on a suit and a new tie. We only had time for a quick dinner so we went to Wendy's in all our finery. (Although, there were several jedis there so we weren't the most unusually dressed).

The ballet was fantastic and I know that Ethan and Jessica did get a babysitter so I guess it all worked out. Mexican feast is happening tonight.


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  1. It was spectacular, but we have mucho guilt! We'll babysit next time!!!!!