Friday, January 2, 2015


Christmas Eve was just the three of us at home. Christmas day is always such a crazy day so I love having a quiet Christmas Eve. Joe made a mini version of the traditional Italian feast of the seven fishes. We only had 3 fishes, but everything was really yummy.

After dinner, we put out cookies for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas before putting Emilia to bed. After she was asleep, Joe and I continued our tradition of watching It's a Wonderful Life. At 6:30 on Christmas morning, we all went downstairs to see what Santa Claus had brought.

We all got such wonderful things- Emilia's big gift was a play kitchen!- and she was so cute opening everything! She tore all her wrapping paper off and would say, "Oh, wow!" when she saw what the present was. It was so fun to watch her. 

We played for a little while and then got bundled up to go to my mom's house. It was snowing, which made for a beautiful white Christmas, but a bit of a slow drive. 

That's Emilia's new Bitty Baby right in front!

Soon, Ethan and Jessica and their kiddos arrived. Jessica and I had planned to have all the kids wear matching pajamas and they were all so cute.

The kids had some crazy Christmas energy!

After brunch and tons of presents and fun, we got Emilia changed into her Christmas dress and headed out to see Joe's family.

Joe's family spoiled Emilia too. She got a neat Elsa doll and a special wooden Noah's Ark and we all got some things from India.

After (a really tasty!) dinner, the baby completely melted down and we went home. It was a long day, but a day filled with family and fun. Merry Christmas, 2014!

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