Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baby's first Halloween- Costumes

Joe had the great idea to dress up as a family this year. He suggested Prince, Princess, and baby unicorn which sounded perfect to me! I found a costume that I absolutely love and hope to wear again in the future.

The whole family

Princess and unicorn

My costume

We didn't go out trick or treating this year. Emilia is too little to have candy, but I wanted to give her a little treat so she got some peach baby yogurt. She loved it! Joe and I had our traditional pumpkin shaped pizza and made a few snacks to have while watching Nightmare Before Christmas. We had a lot of trick or treaters, but everything quieted down around 9 which was good for the baby! It was a great first Halloween as a family of 3. 

Here are some bonus pics of Emilia in her costume:

A visit from Mogget

I love this next series. We put a fake candle in Emilia's pumpkin while it was in the house. My smart baby took the top of of the pumpkin and pulled the candle out!

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