Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emilia's first Farmhouse trip

Joe and I hadn't been to my family's farmhouse in almost a year. With the issues I had with my pregnancy, I never felt comfortable going too far away from my Dr. We decided that it was time to make the trip and after Joe finished with court on Friday, we headed down. Emilia is so awesome in the car. I hope that lasts a really long time. She just smiles at me, plays with toys, and falls asleep. As long as the car is moving she is happy.

We stopped for lunch at The Little Acorn and got to the farmhouse around 3. I took a nap while Joe and Emilia played. When I woke up, we headed to the store for a few things and then got a pizza. Everyone loved Emilia and she was giving out the best smiles. That evening, we gave her a bath in the farmhouse sink. Baby baths in the farmhouse sink are a tradition- there is even a picture of me having a bath there when I was a baby! She seemed to really like it- she kicked water out all over the floor!

Rosebud jammies

The next day, the rest of my family joined us. While Joe was mowing the lawn, Ethan, James, Emilia, and I went for a walk. James found some rocks to throw in the river (one of his favorite activities!)

We spent a lot of time on the lawn playing. I love these pictures of Emilia!

We finished the day with a tasty BBQ and my mom's homemade peach pie. Can't wait to go again!

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