Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter egg challenge

A few weeks ago, I thought of a fun Easter tradition that Joe and I could have. It's called the Easter egg challenge. We've never done baskets or gifts for each other, but I really like having a few husband/wife holiday traditions and I'm excited to start this one. Here are the rules:

Each year, each of us gives the other an Easter gift.

Whatever it is must fit into an egg (like the plastic ones they sell this time of year). It doesn't matter what size the egg is.

The egg can contain candy only if it is candy that wouldn't be purchased at the grocery store on any regular day.

The egg must be hidden to be found on Easter. It is up to the hider to decide how complicated the hunt will be. (Examples, hot/cold will work, one easy clue will work, a complicated series of clues will work).

It was fun, and kind of challenging to find something that Joe would like that would fit into a little plastic egg. I can't wait to find my egg tomorrow!

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