Thursday, December 31, 2009


So I guess I'll hop on the "Goodbye to 2009" blog post bandwagon. 2009 has been kind of a rollercoaster year for me. They say that three of the biggest emotional events you can go through in life are: Dealing with death, divorce, and moving. Even though my grandma died in October 2008, I think I am still trying to deal with it over a year later. I got engaged, which is the opposite of getting divorced, but still a huge life change. I also moved twice. In March, I moved in with Joe and in October, we both moved into the basement of my grandparent's house with David living upstairs.

We are really liking where we live. We have a beautiful fireplace and there is room for our pets to run around. Sometimes it is difficult to have a housemate, but most of the time it is actually really nice.

In many ways, 2009 was the best year of my life. Joe asked me to marry him. I also became an aunt on November 24 to my wonderful nephew, James.

It hasn't all been wonderful. I've noticed that my anxiety issues have gotten worse. I put in a lot of job applications and went to several interviews with no luck (although, I am going to sell Avon soon, which will hopefully provide a little money until we get married and I can go back to school.)

So, I am looking forward to 2010 (especially June). It's going to be another busy year, but I am excited to see what it brings.

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