Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding update

I noticed that my last wedding update was from quite a while ago, so here are some updates:

~We got our engagement pictures done and I am currently loading them onto my computer. Next step: Save The Dates!

~We're thinking about finding a new baker. We never signed a contract with the one we met with. We have since tried to get her the contract. We took it to her business and called all her phone numbers. She won't get back to us. We were not impressed at the initial meeting so we're thinking about finding somewhere new. (Maybe Granite Bakery?)

~We have asked everyone who will be in our wedding party.

~I have picked out a color and hopefully a designer for the bridesmaid's dresses. Hopefully I can find a store that carries them!

I think that is everything new. I'm falling just a little behind schedule (based on the checklists I have) but I think I'm doing ok. Next steps: Baker, Save the Dates, and florist!

229 days!

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  1. Did your mom tell you that my friend Allison got her flowers done by Whole Foods?! The price was UNREAL, the quality was amazing, and the bouquets were to die for. Check them out!