Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Engaged! April 25,2009

I've been meaning to do this post for a while so here it is! Joe thought it would be fun to blog the whole day.

Joe made a placement at his job so we decided that it would be fun to go out to dinner to celebrate. Joe decided that we should make a whole weekend out of it and we decided to go to the symphony Friday night and the Cliff Spa and dinner at Frescos on Saturday.

The symphony was wonderful. I love getting dressed up and we picked a wonderful performance to see. Saturday morning, I was grouchy. When Joe took Kody out for a morning walk, he saw that the side of our house had been spray painted. It turned out that most of the neighborhood had. We decided to go to Village Inn for breakfast/lunch. It was very crowded, but we didn't have to wait too long for a table. I had my standard BLT and Joe had french toast.

We decided to go back home and grab the camera so we could document the day and also to stop for some books/magazines to read at the spa. On the freeway, we got stuck in a major traffic jam. They were doing road construction and it was down to one lane. Finally, we got past it and headed up the canyon to the Cliff Spa at Snowbird. It was snowing! Hard. It looked like January in April. We got changed into our swimming suits and headed for my favorite part of the Cliff Spa- the hottub. For a while, it was just the two of us. It was snowy and foggy and really beautiful.

When the hot tub got a little crowded, we headed inside to the saunas/steam room. Then we settled in with our book/magazine in the solarium with some tea. Before we left, I wanted to relax in the hottub one more time. We went back onto the roof and got in. Joe was gettinga bit impatient to leave. I kept saying 5 more minutes until he finally just had to say, "ok. I'm getting you a towel!"

I took about 5 minutes getting ready because we were going to a nice dinner and I wanted to be able to get ready at home first. I didn't put on any makeup or fix my hair. Big mistake on my part! I met Joe in the hall and asked if he was ready to go. He said not yet, there was something on the roof I should see. I was thinking that the fog had cleared and he wanted to look at the view. (The fog had actually just cleared) When we got on the roof, Joe turned to look at me. He put his hand in his pocket and took out a ring box. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I said yes. We were both a bit shaky. He asked if I wanted to try the ring on and I said, "put it on me!" hehe. It fit perfectly. It is beautiful.

We stopped at my brother's house to tell my mom and David and called Ethan and Jessica on the way home. (Joe's family already knew.) When we got home, I prettied up and we went to a fantastic dinner at Frescos (Thanks for the Recommendation E and J!) It was a perfect day.

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