Sunday, February 1, 2009


Saturday morning we headed down to the farmhouse. We spent the day relaxing and driving around. It was a beautiful day and we spotted a couple of bald eagles. David brought some different types of beer down so the guys could have a beer tasting. Jessica and I covered and numbered the different bottles so they didn't know what they were drinking. After, they all shared their impressions and the types of beer were revealed. Then we had a really yummy dinner cooked by Joe and played a few rounds of UNO (I won!)

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday! We left Mount pleasant early and headed to Heber to watch the game. Mary had chips and salsa, yummy queso dip, chicken wings, and lots of other tasty things. It turned out to be an awesome game and the Steelers won. (Yay!)

Next weekend is the LSAT. Joe is going to do great. Wish him luck!

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