Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Cliff Spa

For my birthday, Ethan and Jessica gave me an awesome present: A day at the Cliff Spa at Snowbird with both of them and Joe. The cliff spa is at the top of the Cliff Lodge. There is a hot tub, a pool, a steam room, and the Solarium- a nice room where you can relax and drink tea while reading or watching the skiiers.

We decided to go on December 13, a day that turned out to be very snowy. The pool and hot tub are on the roof so we got snowed on. It was nice to be in the really hot water while the snow flakes were falling all around. Even though everyone got ice crystals in their hair, it didn't feel cold. We even had a few snowball fights.

After spending a lovely afternoon at the spa, we went from the roof of the Cliff Lodge to the "basement" to a yummy Mexican restuarant. Then, it was back up to the Aerie lounge for drinks.

Just Arriving

Joe looking sexy in the hot tub

Ethan and Jessica. See the snowflakes?

Joe's frozen hair

At the Aerie Lounge

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  1. Very good post. Love Joe's photo with his hair.